Best of the best festival – Holi

Hello guys, I am Emma from Otago (New Zealand) I came to India this year for celebrating and take an experience for holi. I have booked my tour Package “Jaipur holi tour packages” Form Pinkpedia.  Holi comes after ending winters in warm summer it was a spiritual event. Holi is a festival of colours,  shearing love and forgets all battles.

On the day before dhulandi there was another event called Holika Dahan on this day people collecting a pair of wood for Holika Dahan. In the evening after sunset people fire in the wood and pray. People also perform parikarma of holika dhana. It the purest symbol of victory of god over evil.

The next day is holi and this day people are ready to enjoy the colours and share the love. 

I was very excited my guide already collected passes for holi event in the city palace. There was a huge crowd everyone is covered by gulaal (Colour) and dace on DJ. there are many kinds of soft drinks, but especially bhang thandai prepare for this day such great drink. 

  Govind Dev Ji

We also went GovindDev Ji temple. There is also celebrating a holi with gulaal such a great temple when we see in the eye of Govind Ji they will tell us something and make us emotional. And there was love in the air we forget all our problems.

  Playing Holi in Govind Dev JI Temple

I will always remember the festival of colour and wish I will come next year to celebrate this colourful event and especially thanks PinkPedia who provide me with the best services, hospitality as well as facilities during my journey.

Thank you so much PinkPedia.

Best of the best festival – Holi

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