Visit Galtaji Temple (Monkey Temple Jaipur) and enjoy the view of Monkeys playing around

Monkey Temple Jaipur: When it comes to ancient Hindu temples, then the name of Galtaji temple Jaipur will definitely strike your mind, as it has been a Hindu pilgrimage from the 16th century. Situated on the Aravalli hills, Galta Ji Jaipur has so much to offer to the devotees and the tourists that every year […]

A Complete Guide of Govind Dev Ji Temple Jaipur – its history, religious importance and more

There is no dearth of beautiful temples in India, but when it comes to Govind Devji temple then words fall short. This is not just a place of worship but a structure that has many folds of legends and history amalgamated together. With respect to architecture too, Govind Dev Ji temple Jaipur has much to […]

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