Events and Festivals in Jaipur that you must not miss

festival in jaipur

The blinding glow of Jaipur is not only because of its stunning historical monuments but also due to its heart-throbbing festivals and events. These luminous fiestas offer you not less-than-perfect moments that can convincingly hold you throughout the show.

So, before you like to become a part of such fabulous jamboree, it will be prudent to take a look at the top seven festivals and events in Jaipur. Get an idea of what these festivals are all about and what it has to offer you.

1. Jaipur Literature Festival

Events and Festivals in Jaipur

Let’s start with none other than the annual literary fest of Jaipur, which is the best one in the list of events and festivals in Jaipur; and attracts some of the greatest minds on the earth to share one umbrella. The idea of the literary festival was incorporated in 2006 by Teamwork Arts and in 2008 almost 2500 attendees joined the festival. Since then it has only expanded with every year literary figures from all across the world come together to enjoy this amazingly astonishing fiesta.

Celebrated in the Hall of Audience or Diwan-e-Aam of The Diggi Palace Hotel, Jaipur Literature Festival is a must to attend the fest in Jaipur.  From writers to other creative artists belonging to Bollywood, dramatists, comedians, journalists, etc. can be found here. So, what do you say, would you like to join this festival in Jaipur or not?

Unfortunately, this year’s literature festival in Jaipur has ended and now you have to wait for January 2020.

2. Jaipur Vintage Car Rally

Events and Festivals in Jaipur

If books and literature is not your cup of tea then Jaipur has something that raises the mercury level far more than your expectation in the Pink City. Yes, it is the most exhilarating and enthralling Jaipur Vintage Car Rally. Whether you are a vintage car lover or not but when you see the wheels moving on the roads of Jaipur then definitely you cannot resist but say wow.

Just pack your bags and plan a trip to Jaipur in January by choosing the Alluring Pink Jaipur Tour Package available at PinkPedia. You will be able to attend one of the most popular vintage cars shows in India. In fact, here you can see some of the cars which belong to the royal families and are still fit to roll on the road. The Morris 8 of 1938, Humber 1903, 1923 Austin, the 1923 model of the Fiat 501, belonging to 1936 – the Mercedes Benz 170V and even the 1923 Erskine all could be found on Jaipur road.

3. Kite Festival

Events and Festivals in Jaipur

Donning the colors of life, the sky in Jaipur is not the same on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti, which is popularly known as Kite Festival Jaipur. Certainly, you won’t want to miss this and that is why you are suggested to opt for the Ultimate Pink Jaipur Tour Package to enjoy your stay in Jaipur during this festival.

Every year in the month of January this amazing festival is celebrated where people of Jaipur gather on the Jaipur Polo Ground to turn the sky into a kite battlefield. For consecutive three days the kite flying activity goes on and for some time you just forget how the time slips away. On the last day of the festival, prize distribution is done to felicitate the winner of the same day in the royal turf of the Umaid Bhawan Palace.

Apart from this, you can also find the people of Jaipur on their terraces flying kites high in the sky. You must make sure that you do not miss this spectacular view and so plan a trip to Jaipur during the Kite festival.

4. Gangaur Festival

Events and Festivals in Jaipur

Seeking blessing from the Goddess Gauri, women in Jaipur could be found carrying earthen pots on their heads on the last day of the Gangaur festival. This is a festival that gives you an insight into the real culture and tradition of the country and the state Rajasthan in particular. The Goddess Gauri, also the wife of Lord Shiva and an avatar of Goddess Parvati, represents purity and austerity. Both the married women and the spinsters fast for almost 18 days in this festival and pray to the Goddess for the welfare of their husband or pray to get a good husband in the future.

When you join this festival in Jaipur then you can see the women taking part in the procession that starts from the Zanani- Deodhi of the City Palace through other important points – Tripolia Bazaar, Chhoti Chaupar, Gangauri Bazaar, and Chaugan stadium only to reach near the Talkatora. If you want to be a part of the Gangaur festival then you need to plan a Jaipur tour during March and April. 

5. Elephant Festival

Events and Festivals in Jaipur

Holi is a festival of colors in India but in Jaipur, it has some other shades too which show their love for the animals especially elephants. On this day you can find elephants donning beautiful jewelry, brocade scarves, jhools and many other things that add vibrant colors to them. Celebrated every year on the day of Holi, elephant festival Jaipur is also a symbol of Rajasthan royalty as elephants are treated as a sacred animal in the Rajputana.  The most interesting part of the festival is the games played by elephants such as elephant polo, elephant race, and even the tug-of-war. 

If you want to become a part of this astounding festival then you need to plan a trip to Jaipur during the months of February and March.

6. Teej

Events and Festivals in Jaipur

Another intriguing festival of Jaipur is the Teej festival, which also marks the beginning of monsoon. Lasting for two days, Teej is celebrated in the Hindu month of Shravan that falls between the months of July and August. This festival is celebrated with fervor among the locals as it honors the union of Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvati. On this day women pray for conjugal felicity and happy married life. In Jaipur, you can take part in the huge procession out in the city.

7. Jaipur Jewelry Show

Events and Festivals in Jaipur

If you are fond of jewelry and you want to be a part of a show that offers you a view of splendid gems of the world then you must visit Jaipur during December. Here you will be able to take a look at the famous royal Jaipur jewelry. This is one of the largest B2B as well as B2C jewelry exhibitions of India.


If you are someone who wants to explore the events and festivals in Jaipur during the festive seasons then you must choose a Jaipur Tour Package which allows you to enjoy the aforementioned festivals. Definitely, your stay in Jaipur will be great if you visit Jaipur on special festivals.

Events and Festivals in Jaipur that you must not miss

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