Undiscovered Wonderful yet Stunning Gates of Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the most famous cities when it comes to heritage. In this article, you will find more about The Gates of Jaipur. Old Jaipur city is located between these gates/ poles. The main market like Johri Bazar, Chhoti Chopar, Badi Choppar of Jaipur is also in the surrounding of these gates.

1. Suraj pole

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This gate is known as the Suraj pole or Surya Dawar and this name is taken from Sun because the sun rises from the east and the gate also in the direction of the sun stands on the eastern side of the city of Jaipur. This is also the location of Galta Ji and the famous Sun Temple. There are two suns painted above the gate which tell the identity of the gate. There is only one small gate near this gate.

2. Chand pole

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Chand Pole is situated opposite of Suraj Pole which means Moon Gate. This gate is situated on the west of the four walls of Jaipur city. Hanuman’s temple is located near this gate, which is an important feature of this gate. This is an ancient Hanuman ji temple with a 25 feet high shikhara on top of the structure. To the left of this gate is a popular market called Chand pole Bazar, which is a busy and active market. The Chand pole Gate has two smaller secondary gates.

3. Dhruv pole

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Dhruv Pole is named after the pole star which (Dhruv Star) shines in the north direction. Dhruv pole is built on the north wall which is the first gate on the north wall. This gate is the widest of all the gates of the city. The secondary gate on both sides is also quite wide. This gate is connected to Amer city. If you go from Delhi to Jaipur then you go through this gate.

4. Ajmeri Gate

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The Ajmeri Gate or Kishanpole Gate is the first of the four southern outer gates. And as the name suggests, this west road leads to Ajmer, this road inside the gate city takes you to Kishanpole Bazar. Which is especially known for tie and dye clothes. Which is known as the Kishanpole market. It is a big door with two small doors on either side.

5. Naya Pole

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The construction of the New Pole or New Gate was not in the original plan to build a gate for the city of Jaipur. It was built in the middle of the 20th century, before that there was a small door known as a Chor Darwaja or Pravesh Dawar. Sawai Ram Singh 2nd increased its size and built a new gate which is known as New Gate or 9th Gate. On the southern end of the Chaura Rasta (or the Wide Road), this is the 2nd gate of the southern rampart. If You See Albert Hall Through the Naya Pol Door, You Know You’re in Naya Pol.

6. Sanganeri Gate

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The Sanganeri Gate is the third gate on the southern rampart of the Jaipur city wall. This leads to the southern route, which takes you to the town of Sanganer. This gate also takes you to the very popular Johari Bazaar in the city of Jaipur. It is also called Shiv Pol after the name of the Shiva temple situated in its vicinity. The royal family used to visit this temple on the occasion of MahaShivratri. The design of Shivpole and Kishan Pole is largely similar, including a large door on either side.

Undiscovered Wonderful yet Stunning Gates of Jaipur

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