A Complete Guide of Govind Dev Ji Temple Jaipur – its history, religious importance and more

govind dev ji jaipur
Govind Dev Ji Temple Jaipur

There is no dearth of beautiful temples in India, but when it comes to Govind Devji temple then words fall short. This is not just a place of worship but a structure that has many folds of legends and history amalgamated together. With respect to architecture too, Govind Dev Ji temple Jaipur has much to offer. Perhaps that is why today people from different continents come to visit the temple. Whether you are a devotee or a tourist you will be surprised to know some exciting facts about this home of Lord Krishna before making a visit.

Enthralling Legend of Govind Dev Ji temple

Most of the temples in India have fascinating legends attached to the temples, which can enhance your interest even if you are just a tourist. However, not many temples can have such a beautiful and pious legend attached to it as the self as Govind Dev Ji temple Jaipur. That is why this is the most famous temple in Jaipur. As per the Hindu mythology, the idol placed in the Govind Dev Ji temple was created by the great-grandson of none other than Lord Krishna whose name was Bajranabh and that is why it is also known as “Bajrakrit”, which comes from two words – the name of Bajranabh and “Akriti” or image.

The grandmother of Bajaranabh had seen Lord Krishna and so on the description provided by her Bajranabh made an idol of Krishna. When the grandmother (daughter-in-law of Lord Krishna) saw it she said that only the feet resembles Lord Krishna and so this led the idol named Lord Madan Mohan Ji. Currently, this idol of Lord Krishna is located in Karoli.

Bajaranabh didn’t give up his will and again made the idol, which again didn’t resemble completely like Lord Krishna and according to the grandmother only the chest and hands looked like that of Shri Krishna Bhagwan and that is why this idol got the name of Lord Gopi Nath Ji.

This one is located in Jaipur and so whenever you make a tour to Jaipur you can visit this temple as well. Bajaranabh again tried hard and made the third idol which according to the grandmother had the same face as that of Lord Krishna and this is known as Lord Govind Dev Ji, which could be found in Govind Dev Ji temple Jaipur.

Historical Relevance of The Temple

Govind Dev Ji Temple Jaipur

If you found the legend impressive then definitely the history will blow your mind as this building of this temple has much to say about the Indian medieval history and its effect on religious shrines. The idol of Lord Krishna made by Bajaranabh got lost in time and only the legend was left to remind people about the idol.

Thanks to one of the devotees of Lord Krishna, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who 500 years ago took the initiative to search the holy places related to Lord Shri Krishna. He sent his two followers Roop and Sanatan Goswami, to Vrindavan, the land where Lord Krishna spent his childhood to look for the things related to Shri Krishna Bhagwan.

Interestingly, the hard work paid and in 1525 A.D. Rupa Goswami was able to find the Govind dev Ji idol at Goma Teela place in Vrindavan. He then placed the idol in Vrindavan, but Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who was then in Nilachal at Orissa couldn’t look for any idol of Lord Krishna due to his illness and so he didn’t even go to Vrindavan instead he made a small idol by himself from Asht-Dhatu and with Shri Kashiiwar Pandit imported his divine power to the idol, which is known as Thakur Shri Gaur Govind.

Govind Dev Ji temple in Vrindavan

In 1590 A.D. the Mughal emperor Akbar with the Maharaja of Amer, Raja Man Singh built the largest temple of Govind Dev Ji in the world by using the red sandstone temple. The dimension of the temple was 117 feet in length from east to west and 105 feet in width from north to south. After the completion of the Govind Dev Ji temple, at the right side of the idol of Lord Krishna, the Chaitanya Mahaprabhu idol was placed in the temple.

How Govind Dev Ji idol came to Jaipur?

Jaipur temples are quite popular, but there is no match of Govind Dev Ji temple as the idol of Lord Krishna was not made in Jaipur but was brought to it. Due to the religious fanaticism of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, the idol of Lord Krishna was moved by the pandit and was kept secretly in the Vrindavan as Aurangzeb tried to attack the temple.

After Aurangzeb’s death in 1714 A.D. by the Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh 2, who is also the founder of the first planned city of India Jaipur, the idol was brought from Vrindavan to a place near Amer which is now known as Kanak Vrindavan.

However, till then the idol of Lord Krishna was not brought to Jaipur. It was in 1735 A.D. that Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh shifted the Govind idol from Kanak Vrindavan, Amer to Suraj Mahal, which was placed between Badal Mahal and Chandra Mahal because he dreamt one night that the place where Maharaja was living (Suraj Mahal) belonged to Lord Krishna and so he shifted his residence to Chandra Mahal and placed the idol at its right place in Suraj Mahal.

You will be amused to know that even then the proper Govind dev Ji Mandir or temple was not built in Jaipur city. Many successors came but no one took the initiative and it was Raja Man Singh who constructed the proper Govind Dev Ji temple Jaipur in 1890.

Its architecture

The essence of most of the historical places in Jaipur lies in the fact that it stands as a symbol of unity in diversity. From palaces to forts you can find the blend of Hindu Rajput architecture style and Islamic Mughal architecture style. This intermingling is one of the reasons why the architecture of these buildings has attracted tourists all around the world.

The same thing is true for Govind Dev Ji temple and this is another reason why it is the most famous temple in Jaipur. The structural style of this beautiful Jaipur temple resembles the Mathura and Nathdwara temples profusely but also has inspiration from Mughal, Hindu and western architecture style.

Govind Dev Ji Temple Jaipur

In comparison to other temples built by Jai Singh, Govind Dev Ji Temple Jaipur is quite different as it has no porch and shikhara. Even the idol has been installed in a rectangular hall which has spectacular arcaded procession running around it with a flat decorated ceiling that can leave you spellbound. It has marble pillars which are quite heavy yet finely proportioned supporting the arches and have a characteristic of the typical Amber style.

As far as the shafts of the pillars are concerned these are round and bulging at the base with taper upwards, and the abacus has broad petals carved in it which makes it so pleasing to the eyes. The use of marble is only confined in this temple only to the pillars, the arches, and the balustrades. When you visit the temple in the rainy season or in the twilight then the light yellow paint of the temple building gives it a sublime look from a distance. Another impressive thing about Govind Dev Ji temple is that it has the widest flat roof construction in the world with a single span that stretches to 119 feet.

Importance of Govind Dev Ji Temple

For Vaishnavites, who are the follower of Vaishnavism (Hinduism branch that consider Lord Vishnu and his avatars including Lord Rama and Lord Krishna as the supreme God), the Govind Dev Ji temple Jaipur holds a special place as this is one of the most important Lord Krishna Temple situated outside Vrindavan.

Govind Dev Ji Temple Jaipur

In fact, this famous temple of Jaipur falls in the group of 7 temples of Thakur (Lord Krishna called in love by his worshippers) of Vrindavan that also includes Sri Radhavallabh Ji, Shri Bankey Bihari Ji, Shri Govind Dev Ji, and other four important temples. During Janmashtami and Holi, thousands of devotees visit the Govind Dev Ji Temple in Jaipur and shower their love for Lord Krishna.

Timings of the Govind Dev Ji Aarti

  • Aarti: Time
  • Mangla: 4:30 to 5:00 AM
  • Dhoop: 7:30 to 8:45 AM
  • Shringar: 9:30 to 10:15 AM
  • Rajbhog: 11:00 to 11:30 AM
  • Gwal: 17:45 to 18:15 PM
  • Sandhya: 18:45 to 20:00 PM
  • Shayan 21:00 to 21:30 PM

Location of Govind Dev Ji Temple

Govind Dev Ji Temple in Jaipur is situated in the complex of the City Palace and the idol is visible from the City Palace. You can easily visit this temple which is located in Jainiwas Gardens, Jalebi Chowk of Jaipur.
So, this time when you plan a Jaipur tour do not forget to take a glimpse of “Bajrakrit” of Lord Krishna by visiting Govind Dev Ji Temple Jaipur as Aaradhya Dev of Jaipur beckons you.

Important Points to remember

  • Address: Govind Dev Ji Temple, Jainiwas Gardens, Jalebi Chowk, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Visiting Hours: 04:30 AM to 12:30 PM and 05:30 PM to 09:30 PM daily
  • Visiting Duration: 1-2 hours (approximately)
  • No Entry Fees
  • Bonus Tip: You can get the Prasad (the religious food offered to the worshippers or devotees) inside the temple only.

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A Complete Guide of Govind Dev Ji Temple Jaipur – its history, religious importance and more

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