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An Exclusive Street & Shopping Destination – Johri Bazaar Jaipur

Johri Bazaar Jaipur: Rajasthan – the land of colors is considered as the most renowned and historically rich place. It’s also known for its forts, palaces, lakes, and shopping throughout the world. Jaipur is the capital of this eminent state is touching the milestones and is popular for being a vibrant city with colorful markets […]

Jaipur City Palace: Things you need to know before you visit

Jaipur City Palace: Sitting at the center of the city, City Palace Jaipur holds an important place in the state of Rajasthan because it tells you about the history of Jaipur. Considered as the first planned city of medieval India, Jaipur is currently the capital of Rajasthan and had played a crucial role in its […]

Movies that were shot in Jaipur and looked fabulous on celluloid due to its location

Jaipur has been a favorite spot for many Indian movies and why won’t it be? The Pink city has everything that makes it a perfect spot that has mesmerizing historical monuments apart from many other intriguing places. So, take a look at the 19 movies that were shot in Jaipur and which demonstrate the liveliness […]

List of Historical Places in Jaipur: Must Visit Once

What makes Jaipur so alluring is not just its history but its representation through so many historical monuments. The architecture of each monument speaks louder the glory of Rajputs and how the Pink city evolved with time. You also take a walk through the write-up to get a glimpse of all the most popular historical […]

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