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Trip Notes For Pink Pedia LLP

On receiving your booking request for a tour package of India our team will send you an email before making the required reservations for the requested services in your name. When the bookings of all the hotel reservations and related services are completed, you will receive a formal official tour package confirmation details specifying all hotel names, transportation, detailed tour itinerary with travelling dates, and exclusion/inclusion details. 

As per our company’s policy, we would be asking an advance payment transfer of 30% as a guarantee of booking your tour with us. The remaining of the 70% of the amount will be paid by you on reaching India/ Rajasthan (India). Our dealings are transparent.

Our Payment Policy is as Under

For all contracted services an advance payment o a certain amount has to be made to signify confirmation of the tour booking. And the remaining balance amount can be paid prior to your departure from your country or after you arrive in India. This can be mutually decided by the tour management and the guest. As per policy, the Management holds the right to decide upon the amount payable as advance on the basis off, type of service and the time duration left for the commencement of the service. In special cases like booking in peak seasons (New Year, Xmas, Diwali) of special or luxurious train journeys, resorts and hotels will require an advance full payment. All the above will be specified in your tour proposal. 

Mode of Payment FIT (Frequent Individual Traveler) 

  1. 30% of the total amount in advance – Confirmation of the order.
  2. 70% of the total amount on arrival in India/ Day 1 of the tour.

Mode of Payment GIT (Groups Independent Traveler)

  1. 50% of the total amount in advance –Confirmation of the booking.
  2. 50% of the amount before arrival to India/1 Month prior to the Tour starting date.

Advance payments from overseas can be carried out via Wire Transfer to our bank or by Credit Card.


All the proposed tour packages can be customized to suit your travel requirements and if you wish to visit more nearby cities.

Physical Requirements

Our tour packages are carefully designed keeping in mind the comfort of the guest, so minor level of physical activities are involved. No prior special preparation is required for making the journey. If the guest is uncomfortable, a wheelchair and other required assistance will be definitely provided to the best of our capacities.

Activities Included

After you post a travel quote request, our team will send you the India Travel Program with hotel options and costing in detail. ‘Package Inclusions’ section of the program would specifically list included activities of the tour package.

The excluded activities will be at your own option and expense. If you wish to exclude yourself from the pre-determined included activities which are booked after your confirmation on the itinerary, as per policy the cost will not be refunded.

Money Exchange

Indian Rupee (INR) is the currency of India and is conveniently available from ATM (Automated Teller Machine) across towns and cities. On your request our representative can drive you to an Authorized Money Exchange Centre so that you can exchange currency notes at reliable rates.

Indian Meals

Throughout your travel with us, you would be relinquishing a wide array of delicious Indian Cuisines. The appointed tour guide will suggest you special restaurants in each city so that you can taste the culinary delights of India. Aromatic food will make the Indian Experience more enjoyable. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Due to any reason cancellation of the tour is opted for; we must be notified in writing by the guest. Our Tour Cancellation Charges will come in effect from the day we receive the advice in writing and as per policy our cancellation charges would be as follows:-

  • 30 days prior to arrival – 30% of the tour cost will be charged as retention.
  • 15 days prior to arrival – 50% of the tour cost will be charged as retention.
  • 7 days prior to arrival – 70% of the tour cost will be charged as retention.
  • Less than 7 days or No Show – 100% of the tour cost will be charged as retention.

Separate cancellation policy will be applicable (it can be advised as and when required) in case of special train journeys and peak season hotel bookings.

Refund Policy

If trip cancellation is demanded after its commencement, money refund will be restricted to a certain amount and that too will depend on the amount our company would recover from the hoteliers, transporters and other contractors whom we engaged for your trip. As per policy, our company does not bear any responsibility to refund for unused hotel rooms, missed meals and chartered transportation.

If a service is cancelled in advance and remains unutilized, its refund will be based on the cancellation policy as mentioned above. And the amount would be refunded to the person in who booked and paid for the trip. Kindly keep in mind that due to bank procedures, the refund process can take 2-4 weeks time. If the refund is made to the credit card account, then the bank charges would be debited from the refund amount.

Spending Money

Each traveler seeks different kind of experience in the same trip. It’s totally up to the guests how they spend their money on things like activities, local goods and souvenirs, food and drinks, etc. But consider your spending habits while on the tour so you get the enjoyment and experience you are looking for. Please keep change handy for tips. We also request you to follow the given below specific recommendations.

Emergency Contact

In case of personal crises or any kind of emergency, Pinkpedia LLP office can be easily reached on 94132-26966 | 95201-74207 during business hours and for after hours on 95291-74207. 

Regarding all other enquiries, please fill in the form on our Contact Us page and our representative will contact you shortly. 

Emergency Funds

Please make sure to keep US$ 200 as a reserved fund to be used in situations beyond human control like natural disaster, civil uprising or outbreak of influenza. 

Visa Requirement

Your Visa is your personal responsibility. Visa requirements depend on:

  1. Where you are from.
  2. Where are you going?

Internationally most countries demand that the validity on your passport should be at least 6 months. Our company tries to keep itself updated regarding such information. But rules and policies of government can change anytime. So it’s important that you check for yourself. Travelers from other countries must consult their embassies or travel agent.

For Indian Visa:

  • Belgium: Yes – in advance
  • Canada: Yes – in advance
  • Germany: Yes – in advance
  • Ireland: Yes – in advance
  • Italy: Yes – in advance
  • Netherlands: Yes – in advance
  • New Zealand: Yes – in advance or on arrival *
  •  Spain: Yes – in advance
  • South Africa: Yes – in advance
  • Switzerland: Yes – in advance
  • United Kingdom: Yes – in advance
  • USA: Yes – in advance

Visa on Arrival’ facility is not in India for most nationals. Indian Visa cannot be obtained in Nepal. (i) Single Entry (ii) Multiple Entry is the two forms of Tourist Visas issued by India. Be sure to check the date you require a Visa from and the length of time you will need to cover, especially if you change countries during your trip. 

Selected nationalities are granted the facility of Visa on Arrival. Eg:- New Zealanders if they fulfill certain criteria.

Our Liabilities and Limitations

After the tour is being finalized, the prices of entrée fees of monuments, taxes, fuel cost for guide fees are increased by the government, then the same will be charged from the guest.( If we are providing you the same).

Pinkpedia LLP as a company only acts as an agent of airlines, railways, transporters, hotels and other service providers and all the services, receipts, bills issued by us are based on terms and conditions of services provided by them. 

Our simple laid out itineraries will give you a general idea of the trip schedule. Factors like weather, road and rail conditions and physical ability of the guest will determine if alterations in the itinerary are to be undertaken before or during the tour for the safety of the guests. 

Our Management won’t be responsible if delay, alterations and extra expenses incurred in tour plans happen due to natural calamities, machinery failure, cancellations, government stoppage of transportation to a certain area, landslide, sickness, weather conditions, political crises, etc. 

There will be no responsibility on our part for injury/damage to person, loss of any kind, or otherwise connected to accommodation, transportation or other services, resulting from ‘Act of God’, fire, accident, riots, breakdown of transport and machinery, thefts, epidemics, medical or custom department regulations or any other cause beyond our control.

We do not have an Insurance Policy of any kind for the guest. Guests are advised to obtain such policies in their native countries. All bags and baggage at all times throughout the tour are the personal responsibility of the guest. 

Kindly Note: Credit Card payment will be accepted only if the Card Holder or one of the Card-holders from the group is touring India.

Issues on your trip

We as a service provider do our best to provide you a comfortable and enjoyable tour but due to unseen circumstances, things can be uneasy. We request you to discuss the problem as soon as possible with our tour guide or local representative so that they can take necessary measures quickly.

You may write to us at to raise your issue with us, and we promise to solve it to our best capacities. 


After your travel, we would seek your valuable feedback. Our team reads it and makes improvements to your suggestions for future travelers. We believe in making and nurturing lifelong contact with our guests. Send us your feedback at 

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