Taj Mahal Experience: It’s much more than you ever expected.


It was 2017, May, and I was driving to Mathura UP. Today is the wedding of one of my best friends, Rahul. While making the road to Mathura, I saw a signboard, where a destination name was written, and it was 29KM on the left side.

It was Agra, and when you heard this name, the only thing that comes in mind is the symbol of love, the Taj Mahal. It was the best time for me to have a look at its architecture.

taj mahal

And I took a left, and finally, I am standing in front of the wonder of the world. You can all time wait and see it’s beauty. Taj is not just a famous architectural landmark; it is much more.

I started reading the story behind and found why Shah Jahan created this symbol of love. And I fall in love with the story and this fantastic building again. My first experience seeing the Taj was really really great.

If you are Indian, then it is your honored duty to see the Taj Mahal once in life. Or, if you are a visitor, then I must say, if you missed visiting the Taj Mahal, your India trip is not worthy.

I saw it only in photos earlier, but after visiting the original building, it took my heart. Instead of me, everyone was clicking the pictures where I was trying to capture the moment in the heart.

taj mahal

It is not just the Taj Mahal, not just a building, not just a symbol, not just an attraction in India, it is more than that; it is love.

NOTE: Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays, kindly ask PinkPedia LLP before visiting the place.

  • Date 17th May 2017
  • Experienced Shared: Maria Foster
Taj Mahal Experience: It’s much more than you ever expected.

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