Best Tiger Reserves in Rajasthan which Worth a Visit for Life

Tiger Reserves in Rajasthan

Tiger Reserves in Rajasthan – Do you think that Rajasthan is only famous for its deserts, cactuses and camels however, it is something more. Its also known for forts, forests, and the “Bahubali of the jungle”,  Tiger. Almost you all are afraid of tigers but once in the childhood you all had a dream to see the big cat. So, now it is the time to fullfil your dream and visit the tiger reserves of Rajasthan to watch the largest number of tigers at one destination with your naked eyes. Walking on the land of the tigers with the high heart beat will give you a worth life experience,  India is habitat to a variety of species almost of every type living in different parts of the country which includes one of the endangered species called Tigers.

More than 3500 tigers are living in the India that is about 75% of the world’s tiger population which makes it the largest country in number of tigers. More than 90 tigers are present in tiger reserves of Rajasthan which makes it the best spot of tourism in the country. At present, there are 4 tiger reserves in Rajasthan located in Sariska, Ranthambore, Ramgarh and Mukundara Hills. To explore the beautiful wildlife read all the information below.

4 Majestic Tiger Reserves in Rajasthan

If you love the big cat of the jungle and want to experience the breathtaking moment of your life by watching it in his home few steps far from you than be ready to know more about the total 4 tiger reserves in Rajasthan.

1. Sariska Tiger Reserve

tiger reserves in rajasthan sariska

Located in the Alwar district of the Rajasthan, Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful Tiger reserves in Rajasthan stretches for approx. 30 km which is covered with grasslands, rocky hills, dry deciduous and arid forests which makes it one of the best destinations for wildlife lovers who are enthusiast for photography, adventures and obviously for our ferocious tigers. The Fauna of the forest not only include Tigers but also a variety of species like Sloth bear, Indian leopard, Golden jackal and many more. Not only fauna tiger reserve in up for a variety of beautiful flora dominated by the Dhak tree.

  • Timings: 6 am to 9:44 pm
  • Required time: 3 hours
  • Ticket price: 1500(approx.)
  • Best time to experience: October to February
  • Nearest railway station : Alwar junction

2. Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Tiger reserve in Rajasthan Ranthambore

Located in the eastern districts of Rajasthan named Sawai Madhopur, surrounded by the great Aravalli hills and Vindhya plateau Ranthambore is the best place for you to connect with nature and view the king of the jungle with your naked eyes by sitting in the open jeeps. It was established in 1980’s by the royal family. Chinkara, Wild boar, Striped hyena , etc. are the other species present in the safari. Not only for wildlife but this place is also famous for its beautiful Jain temple of lord Sumatinath and lord Sambhavanath.

  • Timings: 7 am to 6 pm (approx.)
  • Required time: 3:30 hours
  • Ticket price: 1400 (approx.)
  • Best time to experience: October to march
  • Nearest railway station: Sawai Madhopur railway station

3. Ramgarh Visdhari Tiger Reserve

Tiger reserve in Rajasthan Ramgarh Visdhari

Located in the Bundi district of Rajasthan, this beautiful tiger reserve which is extremely rich in fauna and surrounded by great Aravalli hills. It is a new reserve and was established in the last year in May 2022. Apart from Bengal tigers, this reserve has species like golden jackals, ruddy mongoose, sloth bears and many other animals. This tiger reserve stretches for approx. 16 km an is one of the best destinations to experience the roar of the scary Bengal tiger.

  • Timings: 7 am to 6 pm
  • Required time: 2.5 hours
  • Ticket price: 1300 (approx.)
  • Best time to experience: November to April
  • Nearest railway station: Bundi railway station

4. Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan

Tiger reserve in Rajasthan Mukundara hills

Mukundara Hills tiger reserve stretches across 4 districts of Rajasthan that is Kota, Bundi, Jhalawar, Chittorgarh and consists of three wildlife sanctuaries and also know as Darrah wildlife sanctuary. It was established in the year of 2004 spread in the area of 27km. Apart from Bengal tigers this reserve is the home for hyenas, leopard, chinkara and also for many medicinal plants. This beautiful and heart throbbing place is will be one of the best destinations to connect with flora and fauna.

  • Timings: 6am to 6pm
  • Required time: 3 hours
  • Ticket price: 1200(approx.)
  • Best time to experience: October to may
  • Nearest railway station: Kota railway station

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Spotting any endangered species is life time experience and memory to everyone and once in life we should go and watch these species with our naked eyes to respect the beauty of nature and to appreciate the efforts of people who are maintaining these wildlife reserves. So for this movement of exploring these places and many other historical as well as biological places, must visit our website

Best Tiger Reserves in Rajasthan which Worth a Visit for Life

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