Best Tips to Travel India Safe during Diwali – Must Follow

diwali safety tips

Many call it the Indian version of America’s Christmas, but in reality, Diwali is so unique that it is hard to fathom its celebration if you haven’t visited India during this festival. The diversity of India makes the celebration of the festival of lights too diverse.

All the states in India have their own way of celebrating Diwali and all are intriguing. However, one place that surpasses all other tourist spots in India in Jaipur. When you are in Jaipur then the tinseled houses and shops have much more to offer.

That said, one cannot ignore the safety issues during this amazing festival, especially when you are traveling the first time to India’s Pink City Jaipur. Scroll down to take a look at the tips which will ensure you safe travel during Diwali, but before that here is the answer to some of the frequently asked questions.

What is special about Diwali?

Diwali is a festival that has a lot of significance in the Indian community as this is celebrated by many religions, such as Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, etc. On the day of Diwali special foods are prepared to depend upon the state and the houses are embellished with lights. People celebrate the festival by bursting crackers and the sky is full of floating lamps, thereby showing the world the victory of good over evil.

Why visit Jaipur during Diwali festival?

Jaipur is a beautiful city with myriad tourist spots to visit that includes palaces, forts, markets, museums, art gallery, fairs, temples, shrines, etc. It is always a treat to travel to Jaipur and unravel its magnificent monuments, but in Diwali, it offers you a more fun time. Most of the monuments, temples, fairs and many other tourist destinations get into the festive mood rendering new colors of light to the city. That is why it is always recommended to plan a Jaipur tour during Diwali festival.

Is it safe to travel during Diwali?

It is safe to travel Jaipur or any part of India in Diwali. However, there are certain tips that you must follow to keep any problems at bay.  These are:

Pick the right place

Your vigor and enthusiasm to celebrate Diwali profusely depend on choosing the right place to visit. Even if you have chosen Jaipur, this doesn’t mean that you will be able to see all the places in the Pink City. Jaipur has so many alluring places that it will take a lot of days to cover all the tourist spots there as well as the areas nearby. Therefore, you need to choose the right places and for this, you have to check two things:

Always ensure that the places which you are picking are famous for its Diwali celebration.

Make sure you opt for the spots that have a proper route to reach during Diwali because in India many routes and roads are blocked due to the fiesta.

Choose the right Package

Jaipur is a city which looks amazing during Diwali celebration but during festivities, it also becomes very difficult to handle the tour. That is why it is highly advisable for you to choose a Jaipur tour package. Some of the best options available online are Ultimate Pink, Alluring Jaipur, Undiscovered Jaipur, etc. where you get the following benefits:

  • You can travel to places that are most famous for celebrating Diwali in Jaipur
  • You get the chance to travel with a local person who keeps you guided.
  • You can travel through the safest routes of Jaipur.

Look for proper accommodation

Another important thing that you must consider while traveling during Diwali is to reserve proper accommodation. You can either book on your own the hotel room or you can choose a Jaipur tour package where accommodation is included. The best way is to seek help from the website which is helping you in booking a travel package to Jaipur. Here you get the chance to select the best places to stay in Jaipur which is affordable and comfortable.

It is important to remember that during festival seasons many hotels are pre-booked and the cost of the hotel rooms are also high. Therefore, you need to get in touch with PinkPedia for a package that involves booking of a hotel at a reasonable price.

Keep all the things essential for kids

If you are traveling with children then it is necessary to be prepared with essential kid items. The major reason behind this is that during festival seasons many stores are closed not only in Jaipur but also rest parts of India. At such times it becomes an arduous task to look for special things related to kids. For comfy travel, you need to have everything necessary in your bag.

Health-related products

There are many people who have allergies and other things which must not be ignored. If you are traveling to India then in a new country you need to avoid a situation where things get bad for your health. That is why you must always have essential things in your bag for yourself, especially the ones related to your health.

Keep the necessary documents safely

You might be a much-disorganized person or someone who likes spontaneity and there is nothing wrong in this. However, when you are traveling than from precaution point of you it becomes indispensable to carry all the needed travel needed documents in a safe manner. Try to keep all the things like passport, ID proofs, your return tickets, or any other documents in a pouch which has a robust locking system.

It is not just about Diwali that you must take care of your important documents and identity proofs. Even when you are traveling to Jaipur or any other place in India when in normal days, you must keep your documents in the safest way. 

Try to avoid carrying much money in the wallet

Another important point to remember while traveling Jaipur during Diwali is that you do not a lot of money in your wallet. One of the major reasons behind this is that in festival fairs and other places there are people who pickpocket in the crowd. Therefore there are chances of getting robbed even without you noticing it.

Carry Less Luggage

You must also make sure that you do not travel with heavy luggage as this can be troublesome. In festive seasons mostly you plan a short trip and with respect to it, you cannot have a lot of luggage. Furthermore, you will also be buying many interesting souvenirs and other items from Jaipur which will further enhance the weight of your luggage.

Do not carry many valuable things

Travelling is enjoyment only when you are less concerned about your belongings. However, if you will be carrying a lot of valuable items then naturally you will always a have a part of the brain concerned about its safety. Therefore, you are advised to travel with less valuable things.

Eat Healthy Food

During the festival season, you can get many tempting food items in Jaipur Rajasthan, but not all are healthy. That is why you are cautioned to avoid eating food on the street and stick to healthy diets. The best way is to eat from reputed hotels which offer you quality products.

For instance, in PinkPedia Jaipur tour package you get a chance to eat at Chokhi Dhani, which offers you sumptuous and healthy traditional Jaipur food. During Diwali time, you can enjoy special Diwali foods here and avoid getting sick from poor quality food products.


If you want to have the highest level of fun and frolic in Jaipur then make sure you visit Jaipur during Diwali festival. This is the time when you get the chance to enjoy India’s most popular festival. If you consider all the aforementioned points before traveling to Jaipur in Diwali then definitely you will not face any problem.   

Best Tips to Travel India Safe during Diwali – Must Follow

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