Kite Festival Jaipur: This Is Not Just A Festival its More

Kite Festival Jaipur

Kite Flying is a famous activity not only in India but in many other countries including China, Japan, Chile, Columbia, Brazil, etc. However, when it comes to the Kite festival then it is Jaipur city in the state of Rajasthan India that holds the first position. You just need to be present on the day of Makar Sankranti and you will find innumerable kites of different shapes, sizes and variety flying high and making the sky turn into a colorful canvas that leaves a mark in your heart.

So, before you plan a Jaipur tour get a glimpse of the famous kite festival Jaipur.

What is Makar Sankranti?

Kite Festival Jaipur

Makar Sankranti is a Hindu festival which is celebrated all across India on January 14 each year. The celebration is based on the lunar calendar depending upon the movement of the sun. That is why the date of this festival is fixed as on this day sun transits into Capricorn, which is also known as Makara in Sanskrit from Sagittarius, which is known as Dhanu Rashi.  According to Indian astrology, on the day of Makar Sankranti, the Uttarayan or the northward journey of Sun starts and that is why on this special day the Sun God is worshipped by Hindus as it is considered as the life source for all living beings on this earth. This transition of Sun is sacred as it ends the month of winter and starts the longer days of summer. 

This festival is one of the few ancient Indian festivals that are dependent on the lunar cycle or the solar cycle. Almost all states of India celebrate this festival with fervor but Jaipur surpasses all as here a special kite flying activity is carried out during the day and later in the evening with fireworks and crackers.

How Jaipur celebrates Kite Festival?

Kite Festival Jaipur

On Makar Sankranti day you can find kites dancing in the sky, turn it into a battlefield where family and friends gather up together on their terraces to win the battle of kites. Music in the air and aroma of sweets just make your day perfect.

So, let’s start how the day commences on Makar Sankranti.

Pavitra Snan and Daan

The day of Kite Festival Jaipur starts with the holy bath or pavitra snan in which people of the Jaipur city take dips into the river or kund of temples like Galtaji temple. In fact, the seven holy kunds of the Galta Ji temple is so sacred that even devotees from other parts of the country come to take the dip in the sacred water and fold their hand and thank the Sun God. It is also said that the holy bath in the kund or natural water reservoir on this day can wash off all your sins.

Kite Buying

Kite Festival Jaipur

If you are in Jaipur to celebrate this Kite festival then make sure you start your day with buying of kites. On this day fairs and bazaars of kites are installed from where you can buy amazingly beautiful kites. Some of the popular places to purchase a kite are the Handipura market, Haldiyon Ka Rasta, and Kishanpole Bazar. There are thousands of kite options available in the market ranging from small size to big. There are some special and popular designs of kites particularly found in Jaipur, such as Tripatta, Aankhal-Dara, Dadhiyal, Chaand-Dara, Glass-Dara, Mangal-Dara, etc.

Kite- Flying Activity

Once you have bought a kite, now it is time to fly it high. You must know that kite flying on the festival day is quite different from the other days as the sky is full of other kites that are ready to challenge your skills of kite flying. That is why you are advised to remain patient and apply your mind while flying a kite.

Lanterns, Fireworks, and Crackers

Kite Festival Jaipur

Even at night, the festivity doesn’t end and the kites are replaced by paper lanterns, fireworks, and crackers that light the whole sky. You will be amazed to know that Makar Sankranti falls on the equinox or the day when both the night and the day are equally long, thereby marking the starting of longer days and shorter nights. This onset of the spring season is celebrated by the people of Jaipur as the harvest festival too and that is why at night the fireworks are done in a way to show gratitude to the Fire-god.

Special Festive Food

Kite Festival Jaipur is not just about flying kites but also about eating special traditional Jaipur food that includes Daal Ke Pakore, the specialty of Jaipur – Dal-Baati-Churma, Bajre Ka Khichra, Sooji Ka Sheera, Paushbara, etc. Sweets like pheeni, gajak, rewari and the special til ke laddoo couldn’t be skipped on this day.


So, what do you say? Wouldn’t it be good to plan a trip to Jaipur during the Kite Festival? Just give it a try and definitely, you will love this festival and the tour to GaltaJi temple on this auspicious occasion of Kite Flying Festival Jaipur. Book your tour of the Alluring Pink City Jaipur with PinkPedia and enjoy its one of the popular festivals.

Kite Festival Jaipur: This Is Not Just A Festival its More

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