Embrace Rajputi Poshak to define your personality

rajputi poshak

Having a sense of clothing is essential as it makes you look perfect for the occasion. That is why it is important to opt for the apparel of different types. Your wardrobe must include a variety of clothes including western and traditional ethnic wear like Rajputi Poshak.

Choosing western-style apparel is easier than picking the right traditional Indian dresses. When it comes to such dresses most women either pick up a sari or go for a salwar suit. This time you don’t do this. Instead, select a Rajputi poshak that will enhance your look and offer you an ethereal beauty.

Nevertheless, before you go for a Rajasthani dress, it is necessary to understand what it is and how it is different.

What is a Rajputi Poshak?

Are you a fan of watching Indian Bollywood movies? If yes, then you must have seen Jodha Akbar, where Aishwarya Rai plays the character of Jodha. In this movie, she plays the role of a Rajput princess who wears a typical Rajputi fashion dress that includes four pieces – Kanchali, Kurti, ghagra, Odhani.

Kanchali – This is more like a blouse piece that is used as an innerwear and covers the upper part of the body. It also gives the proper shape and figure to the women’s breasts and comes with sleeves.

Kurti – Technically this is a sleeveless top that is used to cover the body from the neckline to the waist.

Ghagra – Ghagra is the most attractive part of a Rajasthani dress. It is beautifully made and is more stylish than a long skirt. Usually in Rajputi fashion Gota-Patti work is done to enhance the beauty of a ghagra.

Odhani – The odhani is a dupatta or chunni which is worn in most parts of India. It is a piece of cloth that is used by women to cover their heads. In Rajputi poshak, you can find innumerable styles of odhani. For instance, Pyor odhani is designed in a combination of two colors mostly – pink and dark red.

These could be made from any type of fabric but the most common is cotton, chiffon, etc.  Pyor odhani is soft and so it slips away easily. You need to be quite careful with it. You may also opt for semi pyor odhanis which are worn on the heavily worked Poshak. If you choose a light Rajputi fashion dress then cotton odhanis could be worn.

What makes a Rajasthani dress so unique?

Everything is unique in Rajasthan as this is a land in India which still has the fragrance of the days when Maharaja (Kings) ruled the land. The tradition and culture are intricate to the people of Rajasthan, especially its capital Jaipur. The Pink city even after so much development and becoming one of the most modern cities of the country holds the traditional values and so are its dresses.

Rajputi Poshak

Rajputs poshaks are the best example of this. In fact, in many families of Jaipur, the traditional Rajasthani dress is passed from one generation to the other. The dress gifted to the mother from her mother-in-law is passed to the next-generation, i.e. her daughter-in-law.

Another thing that you must try to understand about Rajputi fashion is that the fabric of the dresses and the work is done on it are very important. The typical Gota-Patti work is a special type of design making style on dresses. This is not an embroidery work with Resham dhaga or silk thread. In this Indian embroidery work, the gota is used to make the design. The leaves, flowers or any other design are made by applying pieces of zari ribbon. The edges of these ribbons are sewn onto the fabric in different patterns.

With time Rajputi fashion has changed slightly and these days even mirror works are included in Gota-Patti work. However, the traditional and the most beautiful Rajputi Poshak usually include work with ribbons. If you know the appliqué or patchwork, then you can understand what this Gota-Patti work is all about. Here also the ribbons made from zari which are known as gota are used to do the appliqué work but the design and patterns are very delicate and the work is very refined.

Where to buy Rajasthani dress?

You can easily purchase a typical Rajputi poshak from anywhere in Jaipur. You just have to plan a trip to Jaipur. You may opt for any of the Jaipur tour packages available at Pink Pedia such as Jaipur with Shekhawati, Jaipur City Tour or Ultimate Pink Jaipur Tour Package. Once you are in Jaipur then you can go to Nehru Bazaar or Bapu Bazaar or any other bazaars of Jaipur. Here you can find innumerable options of Rajasthani dress, which have the traditional Gota-Patti work. You may also buy some matching jewelry or Rajasthani accessories to wear with it. The best marketplace for buying jewelry in Jaipur is Johari bazaar.

How to wear Rajputi Poshak?

Unlike the Indian dress sari, Rajputi poshak is easy to wear. You can wear it easily by yourself and do not need anyone else’s help. You first need to wear the kanchali then put Kurti above it. Now go for the ghagra and wear it just like a long skirt. Once you are done with this then take the odhani and pin it in your blouse or just take it as a stole. You may also check online how to put odhani and you will find many easy ways to do it on YouTube.


This time when you are in Jaipur then do not forget to buy a Rajputi Poshak. It is not very costly and is very easy to wear. It will transform your look and enhance your beauty. You must buy a Rajasthani dress and improve your ethnic wear collection in your cupboard.

So, what do you say? Are you interested in buying a Rajputi fashion dress? If yes, then plan a trip to Jaipur as the Pink city awaits you.

Embrace Rajputi Poshak to define your personality

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