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A colorful city like Jaipur has so much to offer you that it becomes difficult to select the time and places perfect for visiting it. You can visit this amazing city all year round, but the best time to visit Jaipur is during festivals and fairs. The festival that stands out from the rest is the Teej festival Jaipur.

So, travel through the PinkPedia train and unravel more about Teej festival and how it is celebrated in the Pink City.

What is the Teej Festival?

Teej Festival Jaipur

Popularly known as ‘the festival of swings’, Hariyali Teej is a festival which is celebrated all across India, but the fervor varies depending upon the state. The Teej festival Rajasthan has its own flavors which reflect the rich and vibrant culture of the state.

Technically, this festival is celebrated to mark the reunion of Lord Shiva, who is the Hindu God responsible for the maintenance and destruction of the world and Goddess Parvati, who is the Hindu Goddess of fertility and love.

Teej Festival and its Significance

Teej is a Hindu festival which is celebrated mainly in north India and Rajasthan is quite popular for this. In Rajasthan, the capital city Jaipur offers you the most eventful and memorable Teej festival. This is celebrated in several parts of Rajasthan but the most lively celebration is of Jaipur.

The Hariyali Teej Rajasthan involves many rituals and customs that offer you an opportunity to experience the beauty of real India.  On this day the women perform fast, which is known as a Nirjala Vrat (fast without consuming water). This fast is mainly observed for a healthy life of husbands by married women. This is a festival that shows the love and devotion of a woman for her spouse and the husband reciprocates their love by offering them gifts.

When is the Teej festival celebrated?

Teej Festival Jaipur

The Teej festival is celebrated every year on the 3rd day of the new moon fortnight in the Hindu month of Shravan, which falls between July & August.  This period of the year marks the beginning of the heavy monsoons, which is important for the growth of crops in the dry desert land of Jaipur.

This is one of the reasons why women during the procession of the Teej festival Jaipur put henna on their hands and prefer wearing green saris in order to showcase the greenery in the pink city.  Apart from this, as already mentioned it signifies marital bliss and so women pray from Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati as for the health and well-being of their husbands. Newly wedded women on this day are adorned in vibrant color apparel and accessories that highlight prosperity and freshness.

Types of Teej Festival

Teej festival is mainly of three types – Kajari Teej, Hartalika Teej & Hariyali Teej and in Jaipur, Rajasthan Hariyali Teej is celebrated with full fervor. The Teej procession in Jaipur is carried out for at least two days in the Old City of Jaipur.

Teej Festival and the reasons for celebrating it

Teej Festival Jaipur

According to Hinduism, it is said that on the day of Teej, the Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva got back together. This coming back was not easy and after a lot of spiritual penance and several births on earth, the successful reunion between both of them became possible.

The Hindu mythology claims that after 107th re-birth, Goddess Parvati was finally able to receive Shiva as her husband. He accepted Maa Parvati after hard penance and her selfless devotion to her. That is why on this day when a woman keeps fast and prays to the Goddess Parvati then she is blessed with a happy and prosperous married life.

What are the rituals of the Teej Festival Jaipur?

Teej festival Jaipur is so special because of its rituals and so you must take a glance at it.

The first ritual of the Teej Festival involves dressing up of Goddess Parvati with colorful sari and accessories. All through this ritual, the women keep chanting religious prayers. If you are celebrating Teej in Jaipur then this is the best time to listen to the devotional songs sung by women dedicated to Goddess Parvati.

The second ritual is when the young girls and married women carry out a colorful procession of carrying Goddess Teej Mata. 

Teej Procession

The dressed-up idol of Teej Mata is taken on a procession with women chanting and singing devotional songs. The procession is basically a long walk which is undertaken by women who are observing fast and carry the idol of Goddess Parvati. The walk ends at Kanak Vrindavan, which is a place in Jaipur.

The celebration goes on for three consecutive nights and women do not sleep and take part in enchanting prayers as a symbol to seek penance just like Maa Parvati to attain the love of their husbands. 

Teej Festival Jaipur

During these three days, Jaipur city is decorated and gets illuminated in the evening. Women in their gardens and verandah also decorate swings. The young girls swing and have some fun time together. The swings are decorated especially by the spring flowers like marigold during the Teej Festival Jaipur.

Famous food served during this Festival

The most popular food items that are served during the Teej festival in Jaipur are – malpua, ghewar, dal baati churma, and kheer puri.


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A look of Teej Festival Jaipur from the lens of PinkPedia

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